29.01.2020  29.01.2020
Fleet Control Monitor GmbH

Fleet Control Monitor GmbH




Information about FCM changes




Eurotax Schwacke

- FCM can now request vehicle data and vehicle values by Eurotax Schwacke.

- This function has to be enabled by FCM support.




Content changed in list "delivery overdue"

- This list includes additionally all transport orders with open pickups.


Compound customers

- Compound customers can additionally see all individual lists which were defined by compound.




New user permission "Read Only"

- With this permission all actions in FCM are disabled.

- This permission has to be set by FCM support.


Navigation buttons

- All navigation buttons can be enabled / disabled individually per user.

- This permission has to be set by FCM support.


Export of user group permission

- All user group permissions can be exported as CSV.

- This export can be done by FCM support.




Vehicle file import

- If a column is not filled, the field in FCM won't be updated.