07.02.2020  07.02.2020
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Information about FCM changes


SpaceMaster II


The new "SpaceMaster II" module (Compound-Management) allows the dynamic creation and management of services at your compounds. In addition, this module contains a new parking lot system which allows you to create and manage a defined parking lot. With our "CompoCheck" (Android application) you are able to manage the SpaceMaster II on your android device while away from your desk.


Functional characteristics:


- Administration of "CompoCheck" users and permissions within the "SpaceMaster II" module

- Individual list view within the "SpaceMaster II"

- Individual service creation

- Individual creation of service-packages

- Configurable ordering of services and packages

- Full display of service workflow within "SpaceMaster II" and "CompoCheck"

- Individual creation and allocation of parking lots


For a detailed description / product presentation please contact FCM Helpdesk (helpdesk@fcm-eu.com).



Eurotax Schwacke


Eurotax Schwacke additional functions:


- Data enrichment can be provided independently and vehicle identification can follow on retrospectively.

- The interface equipment items for Eurotax Schwacke has been improved.

- If the response for the first vehicle is not unique than the first record (from the result set) is selected and requested.





Addition of 'MOT expiry date' column to exportable CSV within logistics professional.