18.02.2020  18.02.2020
Fleet Control Monitor GmbH

Fleet Control Monitor GmbH




Information about FCM changes





Ability to create and print 'pick-up document' now available for Rental remarketing user, using single action icon or mass action functionality located in the following lists


- Location management → Release to customer

- Post sales process → Awaiting customer release


Add gross-net switch to all Online channel lists


A new gross-net switch can be found in all online sales channel lists named either “Switch to gross” or “Switch to net”.


New “Wholesale Export” channel price within FCM

- All Wholesale channel lists are now able to display two channel prices (Wholesale domestic and Wholesale export

- If the buyer type is “Export”, the Wholesale export price will be displayed

For a detailed description / product presentation please contact FCM Helpdesk (helpdesk@fcm-eu.com).