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Fleet Control Monitor GmbH

Fleet Control Monitor GmbH




Information about FCM changes


* SpaceMaster II


Further information displayed within the individual created service lists:

-Service Status

-Last Comment

-Package Name

-Booking Date

-Done Date (finished or cancelled)


* Dynamic Compound (SpaceMaster I) & SpaceMaster II


List "without parking lot" only includes vehicles that are checked in in the selected location.


List "on transport" has a new filter "pickup and delivery location" and is prefiltered on the selected location.


List "Authorized for release" on compound has further columns "Parking lot" and "Buyer".


* Logistics


The invoice recipient can be changed in following lists in Transport Manager by action "Edit logistic details":

-New Orders

-Submitted transports

-Accepted transports

-Planned Orders

-On transport

-Completed transports


* General FCM


A favourite page can be defined as homepage.




For a detailed description / product presentation please contact FCM Helpdesk (helpdesk@fcm-eu.com).