16.04.2020  16.04.2020
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Information about FCM changes


Logistic Business Manager

-Move action 'Allocate logistics' to “Accepted orders” and “On transports”lists

-Logisitc Order:'Supplier order document” will be deleted automatically and the order will show up in the list “Submitted transports” and the new provider is allocated and a new 'Supplier order document' can be created

-The 'Logistic partner filter' is improved to a 'Chosen-select' filter

-If the action “Allocate logistics” (renamed to: Switch logistic company) is used there is a default entry in the comment field called: Logistic company switched. The comment field is mandatory

-The new logistic company is no allowed to see user names or company names of the old logistic company

Logistic-New field "electric" as energy source for vehicle creation and order form

- The Field Energy source is available in the logistics self-entry screen as an optional field

- On the logistic order screen there is the field “Energy source” available within the vehicle details on the top of the page

- Please contact FCM Helpdesk if you would like to have the energy field in logistic self entry marked as a mandatory field


Logistic Import 1.1

- Enhancement of "Upload Information" with fuel type, reference 1 and 2 for import orders

- The field "Energy source" is listed in the Example area with ID`s per entry. The new fields Energy source, Reference 1 and Reference 2 and Reference 3 are placed between column “G” Body type and H “Movement type”.


FCM General- Create user groups

FCM User with Adminrights and access to the User-Modul and the permissions to assign user groups can execute the following actions:

- With the User modul a FCM user can be assigned to a user group

- The assignment is permanent

- If rights within a group change, the rights for all users within the group will changed as well

- Only groups that were created for the logged in partner can be assigned

- Creation of user groups can only be done by FCM staff


 FCM General- Emissions date improvement

- The “Motor emission” classification for vehicles has been enhanced. Additionally, information about the measurement method for the emission data collection can be added as well.


For a detailed description / product presentation please contact FCM Helpdesk (helpdesk@fcm-eu.com).