19.05.2020  19.05.2020
Fleet Control Monitor GmbH

Fleet Control Monitor GmbH




Information about FCM changes


Sales Expert: Infleet Process

- For the FCM Infleeting process there is a new special functionality where the last workflow step can be skipped. So after the registration of a vehicle is done, the vehicle will move into the active fleet directly instead of being in a status for a final decision of the user to add it to the active fleet.


NEW Filter framework in FCM

- HIGHLIGHT: FCM has invented a new view for the user in worklist in regard to information displayed there and the set-up of filters. The first functionality which provides the new view for all users is the so-called "Vehicle search radar", which is available in the navigation under "Cockpit". A user needs to activate the new look and feel under "MyFCM". After this is done, the user is able to choose his own filter set as well as the information he would like to see and change the order by drag&drop.


Vehicle data enrichment via ETG

- The ETG vehicle enrichment functionality has been enhanced to use it for every vehicle which is entered in FCM via the standard vehicle import or vehicle update SOAP web-service.


For a detailed description / product presentation please contact FCM Helpdesk (helpdesk@fcm-eu.com).