15.07.2020  15.07.2020
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Information about FCM changes


SpaceMaster II

New features:

-The FCM SpaceMaster II product has a new list to display all vehicles where while the vehicle(s) were checked-in there is neither a service nor a package is booked, to leave it open after it is clear what services the vehicle needs to go through.

-There is a new functionality available for all FCM Space Master II users to extract an export file of all finished services and packages within a certain time range as baseline to create invoices in an any accounting system. The compound manager can decide in FCM where the file will be sent to when executed in FCM from the list "Chargeable Services".

-New functionality to assign default service packages per customer by check-in to allow a quick start of the services per vehicle.

-New functionality available to automate a monthly export of days on location per customer which can be send out and placed wherever the compound manager wants to use it for any accounting or invoice creation logic.

-It's now possible to set an item number and a price per single service or package. The fields are not mandatory when creating or editing a service/package.

-To improve the data exchange between FCM and any other system, FCM is able to store "external vehicle identifies" per vehicle, so that there can be always the correct entries to identify the vehicle when creating request to other systems.


Vehicle data enrichment via ETG


-There is a new functionality available in FCM to ask ETG for data enrichment or vehicle valuation with customised credentials to allow the customers to use their own contract conditions to receive data from ETG.

-With a configuration by the FCM Helpdesk-Team a user can run ETG requests (Germany) from the list "All active vehicles" in FCM per single or bulk action. The vehicle information will be enriched with the data FCM receives for your vehicle(s).


Logistic Business Manager


-In the logistics area of FCM we have added more columns to compare the effective pick-up and delivery date as information next to the original order dates and planned dates in several lists.


For a detailed description / product presentation please contact FCM Helpdesk (helpdesk@fcm-eu.com).