14.08.2020  14.08.2020
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Information about FCM changes


SpaceMaster II

New features:

-Within the Space Master 2 product, a compound manager is now able to distinguish per customer whether a quick check-in (a few fields) or completed check-in is needed to finalise the process of on-boarding a vehicle to the compound.

-The Space Master 2 product of FCM allows now to see all logistic orders which are planned to be delivered to the compound or a planned to be picked-up from the compound. There are two lists available called "Inbound" and "Outbound" which shows the planned logistic orders.


Logistic Business Manager


-In the Logistic Business Manager product it is now mandatory to assign a invoice recipient when allocating the order to a supplier, so that there is a never an order without a clear definition of an invoice recipient.

-The Logisitic Business Manager now allows to set a currency for carrier contracts and purchase prices.

For a detailed description / product presentation please contact FCM Helpdesk (helpdesk@fcm-eu.com).