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Fleet Control Monitor GmbH

Fleet Control Monitor GmbH




Steering of processes

The FCM provides separate modules for piloting and managing INFLEET services. With the same functionality the processes will be initiated, controlled and monitored. All services can be managed by yourselves or by external connected service providers.


The FCM can be used to control the entire logistics in your company. This applies to both, the own logistics and to appropriate partners. Through the optionally connected external logistics companies the procurement, the daily operations and the monitoring of service levels are managed at the push of button.

Vehicle Management

The data of the entire fleet is stored in an electronic archive.

Registration and Deregistration

The full area of vehicle registration and deregistration is covered by FCM. Through internal defined workflows, vehicles are de-/registered precisely.

Document Management

Manage your own vehicle documents systematically and logically in the FCM-document-archive. Generate your own vlean document processes with clearly defined check-in and check-out processes. If required it is also possibility to connect your document service-provider directly with the system.

Damage Management

In this area so many hidden costs can arise which can be detected by the FCM during scooping all possibilities of reduction. You can directly manage the damages through your legal departments or external damage specialists. They take care immediately to obtain the best possible settlement with any remedy in damages.