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Fleet Control Monitor GmbH

Fleet Control Monitor GmbH




Remarketing network for the customer

For the different steps of remarketing, we strategically work together with reliable and proven high level specialists.

Our business partners are from different areas of expertise, evaluation and finally, the remarketing itself.

IT-networking on the FCM is the engine in the ‘time to market’ for the clients.

BCA is Europe’s largest used vehicle auction company and has operated since 1946 in the UK and Europe. Annually BCA sells over 1 million vehicles, both physically and online. Therefore BCA is able to offer their customers the largest choice of used vehicles in Europe.


HARTMANN FLEET-Professionals (HFP) is one of the German market leaders in fleet services. The company was founded in 1986 and is specialised in car logistics and management, document management, registration and deregistration, compound management and all other fleet related services.


HARTMANN IT Professionals is the IT service provider for interfaces, hard- and software.


HARTMANN COMPOUND Professionals runs Spaces all over Europe and executes in a professional way all kinds of  services.